Luxury spa like bathroom at home with walk in tub & bath towels.

3 Ways Your Walk In Tub Can Double as a Spa

Walk-in tubs are the ideal way to preserve the luxury and comfort of bathing while removing the risk of stepping over the tall, slippery edge of a normal bathtub. 

What you may not know is that your walk-in tub can be easily outfitted with additional features that exponentially increase the luxury of bathtime. 

Aromatherapy Bath

Walk-in tub aromatherapy borrows from techniques used by spas to relax the mind and muscles. Essential oils are absorbed by the skin and your sense of smell, and can have tremendous benefits for those with stress or chronic pain.

Lady indulges in a walk in tub aromatherapy bath

Most walk-in tubs don’t come with this feature by default, so talk to the contractor in charge of your bathroom remodeling about outfitting your tub with aromatherapy.

Chromatherapy Tub

Walk-in tub chromatherapy uses lights and colors to help guide the mood of the person bathing. Different colors can affect the body in different ways.

For example, blue light in a tub can help with mental and physical relaxation. Red light can improve circulation and increase comfort while bathing. 

Bathtub Hydro Massage System

Hydro massage systems are frequently used by spas to decrease chronic pain and increase muscle relaxation. Water jets can hit specific knots and pressure points with higher pressure, while air jets provide a lighter massage for those with less tightness or pain. 

Lady prepares her hydro massage walk in tub in her spa like bathroom

Altogether, massage systems can be combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy to turn your walk-in tub into a home spa.

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