8 questions to ask contractors about bathroom remodeling

8 Questions to Ask the Contractor Doing Your Bathroom Remodel

Don’t know what to ask a contractor when remodeling a bathroom? At MVP Walk-In Tubs, we can provide custom bath solutions to achieve your bathroom design dream while remodeling. 

When it comes to your bathroom, you’ll want only the best. There are plenty of bathroom remodeling services in Ohio to choose from. Knowing the right questions to ask your contractor can make or break your bathroom. And no contractor wants a dissatisfied client. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of eight questions designed to help you get the most out of your remodeling experience. If you want to know how to choose a bathroom remodeling contractor, ask these questions to get the best result for your home.

1. Can I see some examples of your past remodeled bathroom work?

When scanning the web for the right contractor, make sure to look over any of their previous work to determine if they are the right fit for the job. Explore their reviews, and pay close attention to pictures former customers have posted online. This can give you a good impression of the quality and care given to a project by a potential contractor.

Ask all contracting candidates for a portfolio of their work. Notice how they respond to you. Communication skills are essential in a contractor, and you’ll want someone who keeps channels open with clients. 

2. What are your remodeling specialties?

Not all contractors are the same. There are those who specialize in certain kinds of projects. Some only handle small workloads, while others are pros at tackling the larger projects. Finding the right fit for YOU is what’s important, so asking this question upfront to potential contractors can help you make sure you’re on the same page. That way, before asking contractors to remodel a bathroom, you’re making sure your visions for the project align.

3. Who will be working with me on the bathroom remodel?

It takes a team to get a bathroom remodel finished. Your contractor will have people they collaborate with to get the job done. Many general contractors act as the head of business, and hire foremen or subcontractors to run the actual project. 

It depends on the specifics of your bathroom remodel, but specialists are sometimes brought in as a result. And this may seem like a simple question, but asking who will be working on your home helps you prepare for the construction and investment your bathroom remodel requires. 

Ask your contractor about meeting with their team so you can talk over your vision, goals, and budget for the remodel.

4. Can I see proof of your bond, license, and insurance?  

Anyone you hire as a contractor should have the proper documentation that gives them the go ahead to work on your remodel. They need to be bonded, licensed, and insured according to both local and state standards. Different areas have different standards so make sure your contractor has the clearance to operate on your bathroom. This also goes for anyone else working with your contractor on the remodel.

Contractor & client discussing proof of bond, license and insurance before doing bathroom remodeling

5. What permits do I need in remodeling a bathroom?

Projects involving remodeling a bathroom often require permits and inspections before they can get off the ground. Ask your contractor about permit and inspection requirements. A good way to assess the quality of work you’ll get from a contractor is by finding out if they will set up inspections and acquire the permits on your behalf. 

6. What is your planned work schedule?

Confirm with your contractor that they have a concrete outline for the project schedule. 


      • Timeline – This includes what time the crew starts working each day, how many breaks they take, cleanup policies, and what time they stop working each day. You can also get an estimated timetable on different components of your remodeling project. Find out exactly when the tile will be done or the shower will be installed. 

      • Delays – If there is anything halting workflow, you’ll want to know. Stay in contact with your project manager to be prepared for anything that could slow down the process and determine how to proceed in those cases.

    7. How much is the down payment for the bathroom remodeling and what is the pay schedule?

    You didn’t think we forgot about money, did you? It’s not normal to pay upfront for a contractor, so be cautious of anyone who asks. The best time to ask about the down payment and payment schedule is when you’re discussing the cost for the overall bathroom remodel cost. Always outline a contract stipulating all payment expectations before work begins. 


        • Down payment – A down payment is typically about 10% of the total cost. If your remodel costs $10,000, expect to pay $1000 for the down payment.

        • Payment schedule – As the project moves forward, pay in allocated installments. Based on the timeline and scope of the project, payment may vary.

        • Final Payment – Agree with your contractor on when the final payment is due. Is it on the day work is completed? Is it a few days after? Iron out the details so there is no confusion between you two. 

      8. How will we be communicating throughout the process? 

      Maybe the most important question. Communication throughout the entire project with your contractor is key. Check with the team over any concerns, new ideas that pop up, or clarifications you need before moving forward. Remember–this is your bathroom! If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. The right contracting team will be more than happy to help and put you at ease. Check out bathroom remodeling contractors in Dayton, Ohio to get started today.