Designing an Accessible Sen

Designing an Accessible Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Bathrooms can be unsafe places for anyone! With slick, wet tile and hard surfaces, just one accident can spell disaster. This danger is made worse by the types of equipment in bathrooms. Traditional bathtubs can be difficult to maneuver in and out of, especially on wet surfaces. Many showers have a lip to prevent water from running into the rest of the bathroom, and catching your foot on this can easily result in a fall.

These bathroom dangers are made worse for seniors. Slipping on tile or falling while getting out of the tub can result in serious injuries that impact long-term mobility, independence, and overall quality of life. Because of this, it is important to design the bathroom to be accessible and senior-friendly. Not only can this prevent injuries, but it can also improve the day-to-day lives of seniors.

Features of a Senior Friendly Bathroom Designs

There are many different components that go into creating senior friendly bathroom designs. These improvements include getting a walk-in tub, storing items within reach, installing bathroom safety equipment, installing non-slip mats, improving the lighting, using a raised toilet seat, and installing grab bars. A combination of some or all of these features will make the bathroom significantly more accessible, improving your life or the life of your loved one.

Get A Walk-In Tub

Stepping over the side of a tub can be difficult, especially when the tile is wet. The possibility of an accident is very high, especially for those with mobility problems. Getting a walk-in tub is a great solution to this common problem.

Walk-in tubs include a door in the side, making it much easier to step in and out of the bathtub safely. Therapeutic walk in tubs for seniors add luxury to the experience, with our tubs including both aromatherapy and chromotherapy features. This not only makes the tub less dangerous, but also makes it a relaxing experience.

Store Items Within Reach

Storing items within reach is another key aspect of improving the safety of seniors. By storing bathroom products at eye level, it prevents the need to reach high or climb to reach the products you need. This will prevent opportunities to lose your balance, decreasing the number of bathroom falls.

It is also smart to store bathroom products near where you use them. This will decrease the number of times you need to get out of the bathtub or shower to get to these products, increasing your safety.

Install Bathroom Safety Equipment

Bathroom safety equipment is a broad term that covers many different products. One safety equipment option is a shower chair. Having a shower chair installed during a bathroom remodel for seniors can help those who get fatigued or are prone to dizziness. Even if you don’t need it, having the option to sit down during your shower can prevent a potentially detrimental slip.

Looking into safety showers is another great senior bathroom option. Our safety showers have a barrier-free base, which reduces the risk of catching your foot and falling while exiting the shower. If you are considering a senior bathroom remodel, this type of feature is a must-have for improving overall bathroom safety.

Install Non-Slip Mats

We’ve discussed the major bathroom danger of slipping on slick, wet tile floors. One straightforward solution to this problem is installing non-slip mats. You can purchase non-slip mats that grip the tile to prevent shower-related falls, or you can also look into installing non-slip flooring.

Using non-slip tile rather than glossy tile in your bathroom remodel can reduce accidents not just for seniors but for everyone. If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Dayton, you can reach out for more information regarding tile, tub, and shower safety options.

Improve Lighting

Dim lighting can make watching your step very difficult. That’s why installing a good amount of lighting and using lights such as LEDs is very helpful. By taking these steps to improve the lighting of the bathroom, you can not only make the bathroom safer, but also improve the overall appearance of the space!

Consider Installing a Raised Toilet Seat

One bathroom safety remodel option that you may not have considered is installing a raised toilet seat. By using a height adapter to raise the seat, there is less of a distance between you and the seat when raising or lowering yourself. This makes the simple process of using the bathroom so much easier, especially if you are tired or have mobility issues.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are a great go-to for making the bathroom safer. By installing grab bars, it can help with balance and increase your feeling of comfort and safety in the bathroom. Consider adding grab bars by the toilet, shower, bathtub, or other areas where you feel concerned.


Showers, tubs, and toilets can all pose a danger in the bathroom, particularly for seniors and those with mobility issues. However, with great options such as premier walk-in tubs and showers, you can significantly reduce the chance of an accident occurring in your home.

You can gradually make these changes to the bathroom, or make the improvement right away.