Why are Walk-in Tubs Beneficial for the Seniors?

The bathroom is, by far, the site of more in-home falls than any other room. Wet, slippery surfaces – often made slipperier by soap – provide a perfect catalyst for falls and subsequent injuries. Walk-in tubs marry the benefits of safe bathing with the luxury of bath time comfort to significantly reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom.

Below are three reasons to invest in a walk-in tub. Don’t wait until you’ve fallen to make your bathroom a safer place!


Walk-in tubs can be configured with varying degrees of personalized luxury; from the rudimentary comfort of hot water to the sophisticated lavishness of hydrotherapy. Poor circulation, arthritis, joint pain, and fibromyalgia are just a few examples of conditions which are directly mitigated by the use of hydrotherapy.


There is no practical reason to forgo your privacy as you age. Walk-in Tubs for seniors allow you to maintain your autonomy when bathing and showering. Furthermore, more and more senior citizens are opting to live in their own homes rather than retirement or nursing homes as they age. Customizing your bathroom to protect your independence allows for just such an attitude.


Ninety percent of in-home falls occur in the bathroom. Walk-in Tubs for seniors dramatically reduce the risks that accompany slippery ceramic tubs. Non-slip surfaces combined with the safety of a ground-level threshold affords reassurance and security when bathing. Don’t risk a fall – schedule a consultation today!

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